The Putney School Summer Programs, where I teach courses in Music Composition, Sound Art, Songwriting, Experimental Improvisation, and wilderness survival skills:

Putney is an amazing place.

sounds the songs of seabirds is a collection of nearly 75 hours of  music that I've created over the past year.

seasons of quiescence is a new project. It is a collaboration with the painter Alex Grimley, an investigation in the combination of image and sound. I paint with sound to his paintings and he paints with oils to my sounds.

I am a proud member of the Open Road Arts Collective, a group of freethinkers and good-dooers spearheaded by the valiant and incomparable Jackson Emmer.

Alettas Farm Market: your best source for local produce, ice cream, groceries, fishing bait, hard to find specialty goods and my always home in Central Pennsylvania.

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